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S.P.I.K.E Events


September 26th, 2023
Time : 6:00PM

B-1303 Dugald Rd
Spike Dayprogram

Days Till Event


Pictures of our events and outings

Conrad Shoveling

Conrad Working In The Garden

Cutting Grass

Finished 2


Jim Shoveling Dirt Out Of Garden

Jim Watering Garden

Michael Cleaning Up The Pots

Michael Planting Flowers 2

Michael Planting Flowers 3

Michael Planting Flowers

Moving Bricks To Garden

Robert Moving Bricks To Garden

Taking Bricks Off Walker At Garden

This Is The Bench We Want

Tree With Bench

Working In The Garden 2

Working In The Garden 3

Working In The Garden 4

All Finished With Face Paint

Bingo Night


Bowling 2

Conrad Painting T Shirts

Dance Night At Pike

Dancing At Bowling Windup 2

Dancing At Bowling Windup 3

Dancing At Bowling Windup

Donny With Stuffy At Ex

Edith And Pearl At Bingo

Face Painting At Army Tent

Flood 2

Flood Way 3

Getting Ready For The R R Party

Jarod In Front Of Tank

Joesph Helping With Supper

Karley At Friday Night Event

Karley Painting


Michael Daning At Friday Night Event

Red River Ex Going On A Ride

Red River Ex Going On A Ride 2

Red River Ex Going On A Ride 3

Red River Ex 1

Red River Ex 2

Red River Ex 3

Rock And Roll Party

Snack For Friday Night

St Peters Church

St Peters

T Shirts Made By Conrad

Visit To St Peters Church

Visiting The Flood Way